Visit Avignon

The total length of the street is just about 700 meters so you can easily see the whole thing. The street is named after one of the most famous painters of Avignon, Joseph Vernet, who worked during the 18th century noted for his seascapes and so it’s only appropriate there are a number of art galleries on the street today. There is just one hotel on the street the Mignon and it offers quality rooms at affordable prices. It’s 2 stars and the rooms are soundproofed and it’s right in the middle of the shopping area.

If you prefer a luxury hotel, walk towards the north end of Rue Joseph Vernet and take a left down to Place Crillon j, ust a block away, where you will come upon the Hotel d’Europe, oh it’s a five-star deluxe property. It is rated number 2 of all the hotels in Avignon on Trip Advisor and we will take a look inside. On behalf of the staff of the Hotel d’Europe, we welcome you. Even though it’s five-star deluxe you could book a room here during most of the year for just over two hundred euro, or with breakfast included about €250 for 2 people. I do not usually get a chance to stay at the five-star level, but some years ago I had the good fortune to stay here. It was a memorable experience. Not only do you feel pampered in such a luxurious environment, but you’re also located in the very center of the historic zone.

The hotel, where you stand right now, it’s right here. It was built in 1580 and it used to be the house of Marquis of Gravaton It remained a private mansion from late 1580 to 1799, when it became a hotel, making it one of the oldest hotels in France. Another hotel you might consider is the Mercure. It is right in the heart of town between the Pope’s Palace and the Place de l’Horloge, a very comfortable four-star hotel. It’s it’s in the Accor group of French hotels and we found it was a very nice place, very clean, modern and friendly. We have many more movies about Provence and the south of France in our collection including Avignon, Arles, and the artistic village of St Paul.

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