Visit Avignon

They don’t have much in the way of shop or important touristic destinations, although you will run into a friendly little wine store where you can taste before you buy, and some old buildings. Tucked away nearby is the dilapidated Pallais du Rouer where Pope Julius 2nd ran a school. A good reason to spend several days in Avignon, so you’ve got the time for just sort of an aimless wanderer down these back alleys, getting a little lost, and then back into retail heaven. One of the nicer shopping streets in Avignon is Rue Joseph Vernet. Now this street is really at its best late in the day and early twilight when you have that magical combination of twilight, you’ve got shop lights, the evening light, the street lights are on, just beautiful to be out on the streets at this hour. It stays quite lively. It’s a very safe spot 10 o’clock, even 11 o’clock at night. Of course, the shops will be closed, usually by about 8 o’clock, but the restaurants and the cafes and the bars are open. While it’s obviously a shopping area you don’t have to be purchasing anything to participate in this pleasure. People are here just for the experience of strolling along enjoying the scene with the rich scenario of shops and lighting and people all blending in together to a great experience. We say windowshopping in America.

The French say licking the windows. A most pleasant stroll through this deluxe part of town. As we’ve shown on the map, it’s quite easy to find this lovely shopping area. It’s just a few blocks west of Place de l’Horloge, the main central square of town and yet many visitors might simply overlook this because it’s not in the main tourist zone of historic monuments, being a couple blocks west of the town center, and yet it is worth finding. If you can’t make it here at twilight, then just come over anytime you can. It’s good throughout the day. The shops stay open, some close in the midafternoon for a brief siesta, we’ re still in the south of Europe, after all. Travelers are generally busy every day, so don’t worry about exactly what time to get here, but make it a point to find the street. At the lower end it’s a little wider. It’s got a lane for parking and one lane for through traffic, but for the most part it’s only one lane with wide sidewalks, makes it a very pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. You’ll find the lower end does not have nearly as many shops and those stores are a little bit less upscale, more down to earth, so that makes a nice part to see as well.

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