Visit Avignon

When given the choice and opportunity in a place like Avignon, go ahead and indulge in a great French meal. Back out onto the Place de l’Horloge lined with restaurants and cafés and bars. It’s a great spot in the center of town, carousel is usually going and check out these bubbles. This guy has got the biggest bubble ever, right out in front of the Opera. This Place is one of the central points of the city with a mix of restaurants ranging from a simple bistro to fine dining. You’re going to find many excellent restaurants within a few blocks of this central Place and lovely streets for strolling, as we’ll show you now. Exiting the southwest corner of the Place you will come right into lovely Rue Sant Agricol and beyond that Rue Joseph Vernet. The map shows how these lively neighborhoods in the center of Avignon are very close together.

You’ve got those main streets of Vernet and Agricol right next to the Place de l’Horloge making one of the most interesting parts of town for you to explore. Later we will show you an even larger pedestrian zone over on the east side of town. Be sure to walk a few blocks up and down Rue Sant Agricol, a classic side street which offers a delightfully pleasant environment of shops and people out for a stroll. Just next to the town’s main square, Place de l’Horloge. Notice how they have iron posts to protect pedestrians from the automobiles because this busy street is open to traffic and yet remains very safe because of the design. There’s a rich variety of kinds of shops here and throughout the entire town center. This is one of the favorite streets for just browsing along. Remember this is Saturday night, the one evening that people just take over the street, so there is lots of folks out. In the morning it’s a lot quieter, so if you’re out here at 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning this main street really has a different character, a different quality than later in the day. There are a couple of quiet side streets, you might have a look at.

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