Visit Avignon

Arriving at the main gate through the wall is a typical way that most visitors enter Avignon, especially if you’re coming from the train, which is just across the street and this leads directly into the main street, which extends through the center from the train station nearly to the Pope’s Palace in a straight line about one mile long. And we are here on a Saturday afternoon and evening when it’s really special because it’s closed down to automobiles at that time, and it becomes this big pedestrian mall. It’s like a street party. Of course one of your main actions when you’re walking around is people-watching, and especially when it’s a couple of beautiful kids like this, in their little carriage.

This was just too charming and too friendly. It was a great scene and we all enjoyed it. Lined with modern shops and various quality restaurants, it is the town center’s busiest, especially lively late afternoon and early evening. Even if you are here on a weekday when the road is open to normal traffic, it’s still very pleasant and there are really not many cars going by. You’ll find that people are still walking in the street cautiously. There’s a lot of quick places to eat here, but you’ll probably get a better meal if you look for some of those quality restaurants on the side streets, unless you’re just looking for some simple foods, as we’ll show you in a moment.

Towards the southern end part of it is lined by a lovely, tree tunnel. It leads from the main train station straight through town to the Place de l’Horloge, one of the main squares. It’s straight road that was cut through in the mid-1800s through what had been typical narrow, winding twisted medieval streets of Avignon that you still find throughout the rest of the historic center. It’s a grand boulevard with pedestrian-friendly wide sidewalks, restaurants, fast food, fine cuisine, clothing stores. It’s really the retail center of Avignon. There are some big department stores like Mono-Prix, FNAC and H&M. And you’ve got street music. (music) There are a snack shops, sandwich shops, pizza and there’s also a department store, Carrefour, that has got a nice food department in the basement where you can get bread and cheese, bottle of wine and take some snacks back to your room maybe. Aah, but French cuisine.

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