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When visiting Grenoble, you absolutely must eat in a Savoy-style restaurant and sample at least one of the region’s cheese specialities, such as raclette, tartiflette or fondue, to name just a few. Totally unmissable and well deserved after a hard day’s cycling.

Along the banks of the Étang de Vaccarès in the heart of a nature reserve, various horseback or carriage rides will make your stay here magical. Be sure to get on your bike afterwards to ride along the shore, while admiring the pink flamingos as they take flight… breathe in the salty air and revel in the moment!

Spoil yourself after some exercise with spa treatments and relaxation. To get away from it all with the most famous spa treatment in Vichy : the “original” four-hand Vichy shower, which visitors have enjoyed at the Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins and Thermes des Dômes since 1896. It’s a massage by two perfectly synchronised massage therapists, under a warm spa water shower. Relaxation guaranteed and to be experienced at least once.

To stay on the theme of well-being and relaxation, the next stop is Serre-Chevalier and its Grands Bains du Monêtier. These baths draw spring water that is naturally warmed to 44°C then cooled to 37°C, with beneficial properties known since the dawn of time.

To bring your cycling journey to an end, there’s no better way than to celebrate with a glass of champagne in Reims. The capital of champagne, Reims owes its former greatness to its age-old royal symbolism. The Kings of France used to come here to be crowned at highly prestigious ceremonies. The Gothic cathedral was where all French sovereigns were crowned since 1027! Cycling enthusiasts can visit one of the many wineries around the city and learn all the secrets of how champagne is made, with tastings also available.

Flights to Reims with a four night stay at the Appart’ City Confort Reims Centre, £216[1]

Should you not be one of those lucky ones heading to the Tour this summer, fear not there are still some great bike rides to try in the Capital from just 24 pounds[2]!

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