Avignon and Provence

Carcassonne, Avignon and Provence – Newmarket Holidays

A completely different world, its just sort of magnificent, across the river you look back and you see this mighty fortress. It’s extraordinary. I mean we’re used to this at home but not on this scale. I think the highlight has certainly been Carcassonne. We were quite amazed by the fortifications. It’s just a lovely place to be it’s very friendly.

I just didn’t expect it to be like this inside, I just thought it was a fortification not all the shops and restaurants. We had a wonderful French guide, she just exuded joy at the Citadel and talked about it in a way that brought it alive for us and we were quite excited by it and after that it just made so much more sense. We went to Collioure, the scenery is beautiful, it was a lovely day and I really enjoyed it.

We Could sit outside and have a drink, we sat outside and had our lunch. It’s discovering isn’t it, when you’re away. Discovering new places going down little alleyways, ‘where are they going to lead’? That sort of thing. And also talking to others in the group, ‘Where did you go last night’? ‘What did you discover?’ And finding other places. It’s the type that would appeal to quite a wide range of people. People that like history people that like ambiance and people like good food as well.

Pont du Garde, it was just an amazing feat of engineering. To think that the Romans had managed to do that all that time ago, without modern equipment and then it’s just kind of mind-blowing really. And it was so well portrayed and there’s a little cine-film at the beginning, which really helped. And the fact that you can actually get right up to it see it, and see how its put together. You’re hundreds of feet up in the air, with no machinery, primitive scaffolding and you’re planting rocks in place that weigh hundreds of tons each.

But that was the icing on the cake, as far as I was concerned. We spent a lovely afternoon in Avignon. Amazing views from there, and then we went into the town and we had a wine and a pancake and sat in a pavement café and it was just lovely in a big square. We are coming back. Yeah that’s about it. We practiced our french, so how good is that. We got onto the the boat and we went through the canals, which I thought was brilliant. We’ve never been on a canal boat before. To me going through the canal with the locks the water flowing over the top of one behind us, I thought how’s it going to empty. I want to do that somewhere in the future, it’s another thing on the tick list I think. Really enjoyable.

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